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    Why You Should Consider Directly Owning Real Estate in Your IRA or 401(k) Plan

    As global equity markets become highly volatile, many investors look for safe havens to protect their hard-earned savings and safeguard their investment portfolios.

    Of course, gold is often considered the ultimate safe haven — an asset that will never go to absolute ZERO like an individual stock or bond can — but with metals at historic lows, gold may not be the most attractive option right now.

    Have you considered real estate?

    Yes, there are real estate investment trusts, or REITs, which trade like stocks and offer investors exposure to aggregate property investment in their portfolios …

    Yet REITs often decline with stocks, so they, too, are unreliable safe havens.

    Did you know that you can own real estate directly — as in you are the sole investor who owns a specific property — as part of your IRA or 401(k) plan?

    It is a relatively new program that is quickly gaining popularity among investors who are concerned about the massive build-up of U.S. debt and the risk it poses to traditional long-term investment vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, retirement plans and pension funds.

    While it is absolutely true that all real estate is susceptible to near-term declines, we would encourage you to consider how high-end beach vacation properties fare versus the broader market in times of market turmoil.

    For instance, during the real estate crisis of 2005-2010, while many properties in Florida, including second-home properties, were down as much as 80%, luxury properties over $1 million were largely spared from the crisis, as their supply remained low compared to continued demand.

    We here at Premier Beach Retreats are not market forecasts, but we are experienced real estate professionals. And judging from what we see in our market, the Emerald Coast, having rebounded strongly from the crisis of a few years ago, is poised to remain strong for many years to come. And luxury properties will remain among the safest investments in the event of another market crisis.

    The key is to find the right property for your portfolio; A property that will retain its value even when lower-priced properties around it take a hit. Not just any property will do.

    If this is something you might be interested in, there are a few things you need to know first.

    Please contact Daniel Walker for a free, no-obligation information package about the program.


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