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Uncommon Relationships: A PPG Philosophy that Starts at the Top

Ask any real estate group about their priorities, and customer service will inevitably land in the top three. But, in an industry that thrives on competition and sales cycles, what does that really mean?

Relationships sit at the heart of real estate operations, and savvy real estate professionals know that most deals live and die by the quality of customer interaction. That’s why our team here at The Premier Property Group (PPG) has made it our mission to create a top-down culture that reflects an uncommon approach to relationship-building.

“Our philosophy around customer service starts internally with the relationships between our agents, staff and partners,” said Jason White, chief operating officer at PPG, noting that the company’s broad vision aims to create a culture of collaboration and team effort that naturally trickles out to customers. “As an independent, local firm, we are uniquely positioned in the market to build this concept out and reach customers in a fresh, creative way, while maintaining our status as local experts with global reach.”

When asked how PPG differentiates itself in the market through its approach to relationship building, White offered the following insights:

Agents who view customers as more than a transaction

PPG believes that customer relationships extend far beyond prospect building and one-time sales transactions. White points out that client acquisitions start with a 10,000-foot view of a customer’s goals and aspirations. Strategies are then refined and narrowed to identify current and future needs.

“We expect to become a client’s real estate partner for life,” White emphasized. “This means customer service must extend beyond contract negotiations and closings. Whether in Niceville, Birmingham or Atlanta, we want people to know they have someone here who will look out for their interests.”

PPG agents continually demonstrate this commitment, according to White. For example, some have been known to run errands for customers to ensure the closing could occur as scheduled. In another instance, one agent helped a client clean out some fountains to get their house ready for the market.

Partnerships that move beyond surface-level knowledge

Successful long-term relationships and engagements are built on depth of understanding and consistent two-way communication. PPG agents approach this by conducting initial and ongoing assessments of client’s needs, identifying the best ways to meet those needs and then creatively and competently guiding customers to the best solutions.

 In a rapidly-advancing modern information age, White emphasized that potential customers have more data at their disposal than ever before. This means that agents must drill deep to offer greater insights to be a leader in a competitive landscape. They must also be equipped to match customer needs with the latest marketing techniques and industry best practices.

Flexibility to change and grow

PPG’s status as an independent, local firm provides an attractive framework for relationship-building: flexibility. White notes that both the company’s agents and customers appreciate the fact that decisions are made by local experts, not a nationwide franchise.

“We have the ability to adapt to changing market conditions faster than some other companies,” White emphasized. “This is huge from a relational aspect as agents and customers are not boxed into parameters that may not be an effective approach for a particular situation.”

Although independent, PPG provides global reach as the only local real estate company in the region to be invited to become part of Luxury Portfolio International. We’re also affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World™, the global leader in broker to broker referrals. Notably, PPG sales executives are local experts with global reach; listings are marketed in over 70 countries worldwide and across 500 websites.

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