Top Real Estate Apps for Home Buyers

    Using apps to search for your next home is becoming more common than ever before. Combining the use of innovative apps, and hiring a knowledgeable realtor is a surefire way to find your dream home in no time! Premier Beach Retreats would like to share a few of our fav’s. Real estate apps can help you narrow down which neighborhood you want to be in while also helping you stay in your budget.  Another great thing about using an app to search is that they are linked directly to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), so you can rest assured that you are searching the most up to date listings. We have narrowed down our top 3 picks to help you find your South Walton dream home.



    Platform: iOS & Android

    Cost: FREE

    dwellrThis app is really cool because it is backed by the Census Bureau, and uses information from the American Community Survey to produce its data-rich community guides. Many home buyers want to know things like the median age of its residents, racial makeup and education level. This app allows you the ability to see what a neighborhood is really like prior to putting in that offer by providing information on more than 40 topics for every neighborhood in the nation. Dweller is definitely one of those apps that most home buyers do not utilize, we are thinking that it may be they just don’t know it exists.

    Barron’s Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

    Platform: iOS

    Cost: 3.99

    BarronsBuying or selling a home can be a daunting task, even with the help of a knowledgeable agent. Mostly because it can be difficult to keep up with the real estate lingo if you have little experience buying and selling properties. The Dictionary of Real Estate Terms puts more than 3,000 real estate terms at your fingertips, so you can quickly find out what your agent is talking about when he or she talks about easements and encumbrances, or any other term that may be confusing to the average person.

    NW FL Homes – Premier Property Group

    Platform: iOS & Android

    Cost: FREE

    PPG aOf course we had to save the best for last! Premier Beach Retreats has our very own app for you to search for properties on the go called NW FL Homes – Premier Property Group . You can do a wide variety of things with this app like, search for an agent, browse open houses nearby, and even save your favorites to show your realtor which ones you have interest in looking at. You can also search by price, or size to narrow down your search even more, giving you more accuracy in your home search. The app also includes a market report tab that will show you a variety of market trends for a particular area of interest, such as average sales price, average price per sq ft and total sales per month. Utilizing these great apps will make that daunting task of finding a new home less stressful, and who could say no to that? App’s will only get better as technology improves and that is an exciting thing for the real estate market!

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