Selling your home| Tips to prep your house for photos

    Now that you’ve made the decision to sell, your realtor will probably recommend that you get some professional photographs taken of your property. This is a great idea because it will provide your realtor a way to showcase your home in a manner that will help you sell quickly and for top dollar. Photos are a sneak peek into your home, that will persuade other agents and their buyers to come view your property in person. There are even situations where buyers purchase properties by viewing only the photos, or videos if they are from out of town. This just shows how important photos can be when selling  your home. There are a few things that you can do beforehand to make sure your property is in tip-top shape for photos.

    Hire a professional cleaner. With families busier than ever before, it is harder to keep our homes clean. Hiring a cleaner to do a good deep clean prior to the photos will help the inside shine. Dust or dirty floors in photos is a no-no, and you wont regret making sure your home is clean, once your realtor starts showing your home, or hosting open houses.

    Remove evidence of pets. We all love our fur-children, but sometimes a buyer does not want to see evidence that they live there. Some people are allergic, and some just don’t like animals, which can scare away a potential buyer. If your pet is anything like mine, there is a trail of toys and balls scattered throughout the home, and this can make your photos look messy. Always be sure to hide their belongings for the photos.

    Landscape & move cars out of the driveway. The outside of your home is also very important. It is often the first thing a potential buyer sees when looking at your home. Photos should reflect a clean yard and driveway. It is an easy fix, and curb appeal will help bring potential buyers inside, which is why you are having photographs taken in the first place.

    Turn off TVs. With technology being an integral part of our homes, it is sometimes hard to ignore the fact that there are TVs in many of your rooms, unless you have them hidden away. Be sure an turn them all over before taking photographs. A black screen will look much better in your photographs than a colorful television.

    Take down seasonal decorations. This may seem silly, but if you take photos during a holiday season there could be some signs of that in the photos. Sometimes it takes some time to sell, and you won’t want those Christmas trees in the photos if your listing is still active in February.

    Remove clutter. Too much clutter can distract a buyer from seeing your homes full potential. Many people have a hard time looking past the furniture, let alone a cluttered room.  Sometimes if you need to sell quickly you may not have much time to get ready for photos and property views. If you cannot part with your things right away, try boxing up the extra clutter and putting it in storage until you can sort out what you want to keep, and what you want to get rid of.

    Open blinds and use natural lighting. Potential buyers love natural lighting, and it is a good idea to showcase just how great the natural light is in your home. It actually looks better in the photos than the light from light-bulbs. It will also help show buyers if you have a nice view, which can be something a buyer is looking for, especially here along the Emerald Coast.

    Hide family photos and personal items. Sometimes personal items are the hardest for the sellers to take down. You won’t want your family photos to be too present in the photos. Try replacing that large family portrait with some matching art to give your room a more styled look. While we all love the pictures our children make us, the potential buyers don’t need to see the kids artwork on the fridge.

    Just remember, your realtor is there to help with these types of things, but these simple tasks will help you prepare for them. Plus, with all of this prep for the photos, it should make showing days or open houses easier on you and your family.

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