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    Seller Tips – Don’t Do This When Selling Your Home!

    There’s plenty to do to sell your home – price it competitively, work with a qualified real estate agent, stage it right, and spruce things up a bit. But there are also things not to do – otherwise, you may have to accept less than your asking price after sitting on the market too long or, worse, not find a buyer at all.

    Keep the Personal Touches

    You love the hand-made macaroni mug that your child/grandchild/niece made for you. It is a precious memento of a time when they were young and adorable. Prospective buyers don’t want or need to see it. That picture of your family from the last Halloween party might be a great conversation starter, but it’s a non-starter for buyers.

    Tip: Buyers can’t imagine themselves in your home if all they can imagine is your family in your home. Remove personal items to give buyers a blank slate to imagine their personal items.


    Watch Unique Styles and Colors

    While you live in your home, having a chartreuse bedroom is perfectly fine. Once your home goes on the market, the crazy colors need to go. Having a pole for Junior to slide down from the second floor to the first floor was kooky and original when you installed it, but unless you’re selling a fire-station, it’s not going to charm most buyers.

    Tip: Re-paint rooms to neutral colors and, if possible, remove any unusual stylistic features (that aren’t structural).


    Ignore Curb Appeal

    You’ve staged your home beautifully. Pictures are put away. The purple room with teal polka dots has been repainted a beautiful & neutral sand color. The flag pole is in storage waiting for you to install in your new home. You’ve done everything well inside your home. Don’t forget the front yard. While people shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover (or a home by it’s front yard), it’s still going to happen. Don’t ignore the front of your house or buyers will never discover how great the inside is.

    Buyers typically say they “knew this was the house for them when they drove up.” If they love the curb appeal, they’ll be less likely to look for objections inside!

    Tip: Be sure to mow the lawn. Plant flowers – annuals are a visually appealing and inexpensive option. Trim trees, remove lawn clutter, and clean up the front yard to entice a buyer to walk in the front door.


    A lot of factors need to be considered when selling your home. There’s plenty to do, but there are also things not to do, too. Keep these things in mind when you’re ready to sell.


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