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    Prepare Your House for a Safe Halloween in South Walton

    Prep Your House for Halloween in South Walton

    Halloween is finally here! In just a few short days you will be greeted at your door by little ghosts and goblins shouting “Trick-or-Treat!” Halloween in Northwest Florida is a ton of fun! The weather is absolutely perfect, we have the MOST amazing sunsets, and mom and dad can check out some of the gorgeous beach houses in South Walton while taking the little ones trick-or-treating. For those who enjoy Halloween, and love to decorate , we have come up with six easy tips to insure that your home will be a safe environment for you and your little guests.

    1. Avoid using candles.

    Candles can create a fun spooky feeling, but it is not so fun when someone catches your decor or themselves on fire. One easy swap is to use a battery operated candle instead of a real flame in your pumpkin. It creates the same effect without the hazards of a real flame.

    2. Secure railings.

    Do you have a loose railing that you have been putting off fixing? Its time to get that railing into tip top shape. Railings can be especially important when entering and leaving a dark entryway. Providing stable support to your guests when entering or leaving your yard will help to insure that there are no injuries.

    3. Clear walkways.

    This seems like a no-brainier, but you’d be surprised that this sometimes gets overlooked, especially when your yard is decorated with creepy decor. Be sure and move items that may be blocking your walkway to the house. If you do not have a designated walkway make sure there are no holes or other dangerous obstacles for people to trip on.

    4. Use proper lighting.

    A dimly lit entryway helps set the spooky mood of Halloween, but it’s also increases the chance of an accident. Make sure the exterior lights of your home are working, and consider turning on any accent lights to help to illuminate any dangerous areas you may have in your yard.

    6. Contain your pets.

    If your anything like me you absolutely love your pet and dress them up for Halloween for all to see. While this can be fun inside the house, make sure to avoid having your pet as a greeter for trick-or-treaters. Keep all pets securely confined inside your home until the hustle and bustle of the night has passed. By doing so, you will insure that your pet doesn’t run out the door and get lost while you are handing out candy, it also cuts down the rick of any type of allergic reactions or injuries to the children visiting your house.

    5. Don’t leave out Halloween candy.

    Maybe you won’t be home on Halloween or perhaps it’s difficult for you to answer the door, so you would like to leave out a bowl of candy for kids to help themselves. While this seems like a nice gesture, someone could taint the candy. It’s probably unlikely, but it’s definitely not worth taking the chance. Not leaving the candy out also prevents kids from taking more than their fair share of candy.



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