Landscaping tips to help you SELL!

    Landscaping can make a huge impact in whether your property has curb appeal or not.  If the first thing a potential buyer sees when they look at a property is dead grass or trees surrounding your yard it will not persuade many buyers to come inside. In fact, it may scare them away!  You may be thinking… well cant they look past the yard and see what the home has to offer? The answer is no, many people do not have the vision to see the potential of what a good piece of property could really be. Premier Beach Retreats have come up with a few small things you can do to improve curb appeal without spending a ton of money.


    Lawn –  Make sure your lawn is watered and mowed on a regular basis. This is probably the single most important thing you can do! You will need to make sure this is started first since it takes grass the longest amount of time to improve, but can make the biggest impact.

    Mulch – Adding mulch to your garden beds can be an easy and inexpensive way to make your lawn stand out next to your gorgeous home. This can be especially helpful to make the lush green in your yard stand out.

    Wash –  Sidewalks and driveways often get dirty throughout the years, making your yard look neglected. Power-washing dirty surfaces will help your property look new and improved.

    Lighting – Do you have outside lighting that has gone out? Be sure and keep light-bulbs fresh, and wipe down the light fixture. This can really make your property pop in the evening.

    Trim – Trees and shrubs can often become overgrown and some light trimming can really improve the look of your yard while also accentuating the architecture of your home.

    Call one of our highly knowledgeable realtors at Premier Beach Retreats today to see if your South Walton property is ready to sell!

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