Is it the right time to invest?

    How many times have you thought, “I should have bought last year!”?

    Th‎is is a common thought uttered from many hopeful buyers on the hunt for investment property after seeing the price increases from the year prior and one of the many challenges in an ascending market. We all want the best deal that we can possible get and when we see what the market is currently demanding we get wishful for years past making it hard to pull the trigger today.
    The truth is that there is still money to be made in rental income and equity to be built through appreciation and right now the dirt is in demand on 30A and surrounding areas!

    If you’re looking for a deal, let me tell you what was once told to me and still couldn’t be more true:
    The best deals are CREATED through offers. Sellers don’t generally advertise their bottom dollar so you as a buyer have to take that next step and create your best deal. I’ve seen homes sell for 1% off of list price and the house right next door sell for 20% off list price.
    Do your due diligence and make sure the numbers add up for you and then take that next step, make an offer on the property, and hopefully next year you can say to yourself, “I’m so glad I bought last year!”
    For more information on how to find a great deal on an investment property please contact Josh Jiminez.

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