How smart is your home?

    This morning you hustled out the house with a kid in your arms, another one looking at a lizard on the sidewalk and walking as slow as possible to the car. You’re carrying your coffee, and the baby that your holding just spit up on your arm, and his pacifier just fell on the ground. You look at your watch and realize that school starts in twenty minutes and you’ve still got to drop the baby off at daycare. Did you lock the door? Are the dogs in the house? Is the coffee pot off? Did you forget to unplug the iron again? The truth is, you don’t care if the house burns down at this point. All you want to do is ride into work in absolute silence and enjoy your coffee. One day, my house will actually burn down because I will have changed my mind on the shirt I was going to wear mid-iron as I ran to save my baby from eating a marble while yelling at my dog that got out from the yard and is now standing in the middle of the road.
    But with smart technology gaining popularity at a record breaking pace, the home walkthrough is beginning to be replaced by a review of your home systems on your smart device’s home screen. While at a red light or stop sign you’ll be able to lock the door, turn off the coffee pot, set the thermostat and turn off the hall light that you always leave on. This is because  according to the world’s leading research firms in the home technology sector, Garter Inc. and International Data Corp. 5-9 Billion smart devices are in use today, and they estimate that in five years that number will approach 30 billion (Side Note: Earth has 7.5 Billion people on it). Will this mean the way homes are bought and sold will change? You bet it will! So here’s what you need to know!
    1. Smart Home Technology is a HUGE space. Focus on the things that generate the most interest. Home Safety, Security, and Climate Control.
    2. 64% of polled sales associates asked by Florida Association of Realtors report that they are being asked more often by buyers “How smart is this House”.
    3. A CNET survey shows that 81% buyers who have experienced living with smart home technology would be more inclined to buy a home if smart technology was already installed.
    As I said before, this space is big, where do you start? The best thing you can do is hit some blogs and start learning about it. Check out the Bits & Bytes smart technology blog from the Center for Realtor Technology at the National Association of Realtors ( Also, keep in your bookmarks. It is a community driven database that has descriptions and reviews of huge numbers of smart home products on the market….you can also do some fun window shopping. While shopping around, it’s important to keep it simple. Stay away from flashy items and try to seek out items that provide for convenience, and ease of use. Because let’s face it, if it’s not easy to use then it’s not really helping you or whoever buys your place.
    So whether you’re looking to buy, or sell a home, keep these things in mind. If you’re looking for a great tech place to start, check out “The Nest Learning Thermostat”  it runs for $199.00 to $249.00. This device which is owned by Google will save you around 20% on your energy bill. You could also look into the August Smart Lock, which is smart door lock technology that has gotten a lot of great press, and comes in right around $200.00. These two items by themselves will immediately get you noticeable results, and serve as the foundation to other great smart technology that you can build on.
    For more information please contact Justin Lindsey with Premier Beach Retreats.
    Justin Lindsey

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