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Defining a Premier Brand

A behind-the-scenes look at how The Premier Property Group distinguishes itself in the market.

Consumers have more information at their fingertips than ever before. In an age where the noise flooding any marketplace can be deafening, how does a company effectively break through and make a connection with its audience?

The answer starts with the right foundation: a company’s brand. Recently, Paul Landers, creative director with The Premier Property Group (PPG), shared his insights on the importance of branding and how the executive team at PPG is strategically positioning itself for sustainable success as a luxury real estate company within the Emerald Coast’s crowded marketplace.

“Branding goes far beyond a company’s consistent use of color or a consumer’s ability to recall a logo or graphic element. It equates to a promise,” Landers said. “The PPG brand should embody a great customer experience and be compelling, honest, distinctive and proprietary. The  Premier brand is, after all, what our customers say it is, not what we say.”

PPG along with its sister divisions, Premier Commercial Group and Premier Development Group, all operate under the umbrella of the parent company, The Premier Group. In a market of just over 4,800 real estate professionals (just in Walton County) all vying to earn the trust of buyers and sellers, Landers noted that PPG is differentiating its brand in the following ways:

Quintessentially Local

PPG is one of the top locally-owned, independent real estate sales firms in Northwest Florida. That characteristic brings many advantages, according to Landers. “Number one, we know our communities inside and out,” he said. “In addition, PPG is not governed by a headquarters five states away that may or may not understand the nuances of our market. If we need to adjust strategy based on what’s happening across the communities we serve today, our team has the power and flexibility to do that.”

Global Visibility

PPG may maintain its operations on the Emerald Coast, but its team has global reach. Landers emphasized that a key differentiator for the company is its designation as the only local real estate group to be invited to become part of Luxury Portfolio International and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. PPG listings are marketed in over 52 countries worldwide and across 500 websites—an important feature that ensures high-end real estate reaches the right audience.

Proven Track Record

A consistent leader of area sales, PPG has been ranked in the top 10% of luxury sales from the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors since its first year of operation. The company serves some of the Gulf Coast’s most sought-after communities including South Walton, Scenic Highway 30A, Destin, Niceville and Panama City Beach. Landers noted that this success comes from understanding its audience and narrowing its marketing focus to meet the needs of luxury buyers and sellers.

Next-Generation Marketing Techniques

The way companies reach their constituents is evolving rapidly in tandem with technological advancements. Not only must PPG continually adjust its own marketing strategies, but it must offer buyers and sellers of luxury real-estate access to forward-thinking marketing techniques as well. “Communication must make a connection in today’s market. Otherwise, consumers will look elsewhere,” Landers emphasized. “At a time when connectivity has actually resulted in a more disconnected society, we are all looking for personalized experiences and want to relate to the human element of a company.”

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