Buying a Family-friendly Home

    Buying a new home on the Emerald Coast with children in mind can be a complicated process. Premier Beach Retreats have some tips for you to remember when picking out your dream home with little-ones. Of course, families can vary in size and complexity but these simple things will help to insure that you will be happy with your purchase once the family has settled in, especially if you plan on staying in your home for quite some time.


    Size may be one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a family-friendly home, especially if your family is still growing! You don’t want your home to be cluttered or overcrowded, so having a place for everyone’s things will help keep the peace among the children. Having enough bathrooms can also play a huge role later on down the road. I cannot even imagine how a family of 5 would get ready for the day in a home with only one bathroom. Mornings are crazy for most families in general so if you have to share a bathroom with your kids you can just forget about making it to work on time.


    Do you have to run your children to their many activities daily? Are you close to school or work? Trying to juggle all of the errands, activities and school schedules associated with parenthood can be a daunting task and living in a central location will help to insure that you are able to make sure everything gets taken care of as it should.  Besides.. who wants to spend the majority of their day commuting back and forth.


    Being in a safe neighborhood is always important, but can be even more important if you have small children. Buying a family home with an open floor plan will help you keep an eye on the children while you are cleaning, or cooking in the kitchen. Stairs can also play a role in the safety of young children, so a split-floor bedroom layout  may not be the right choice for your family at the moment. Running up and down multiple floors in the middle of the night to comfort a 2 year old might not be ideal. Children also love to play outdoors, and we always want to encourage them to stay active, but sometimes buying a home that is not directly on a main roadway will help keep your children safe from cars and other dangers associated with busy traffic.


    In addition to the size of the home, consider the size of your family and how you function day-to-day when buying a new place. Are your children part of every club and team imaginable? If so, having active kids can also mean lots of supplies for their many activities. As your kids grow, it is important to remember that they will all need more room. Also, a room that looks beautiful but doesn’t take into account the demands of everyday family life will quickly be destroyed, or end up like Granny’s stuffy no-go zone. Instead, make use of the room by incorporating a decorating style that will stand up to everything the children will throw at it, literally speaking. Consider who you live with so you can arrange rooms and decorate accordingly.

    Finding a family-friendly home can be a bit more more work than the average home-buying experience, but it will pay off in the long run if you consider all of things a growing family will need along the way. Home should be a place that you enjoy being at that will help keep your family-life less hectic. Do you have questions about what type of home your family would be best suited for? Contact one of our Premier Beach Retreats agents today to find out!


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