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    Beach gear you never knew you needed!

    Its here! We are smack-dab in the middle of Summer and beach season is in full swing. If you live along Scenic Highway 30A you know that beach days are a way of life here in South Walton. Most homes are a short walk or a quick bike ride away from the beach. I personally spend every second I can at the beach, so I definitely like to keep up with what is  new and trending in beach gear. Now that you have decided you are going to live at the beach, or have recently purchased a beach home you can start collecting beach gear that will make planning a day at the beach a breeze.

    Quicksand MetSand-Free Quicksand Mat

    Hitting the beach? Be sure and check out the CGear Sand-Free Quicksand Met. It has a dual-layer nylon weave that sifts sand and dirt to the ground- so you don’t have to constantly shake or sweep bits of sand away!  This mat is incredibly handy if you are planning a picnic at the beach and want to keep sand off of your food!



    Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

    Tommy Bahama Backpack Beach Chair

    Beach chairs come in all shapes and sizes, but this one has to be the best of the best! Tommy Bahama Backpack Chairs are equipped with an insulated cooler pouch, cell phone holder, towel bar, adjustable pillow, and more, you’re guaranteed to always have the best seat in paradise! This unique backpack chair has  a lightweight, aluminum-and-steel frame  2.5″ wider than many other backpack chairs and collapses for hands-free toting.


    Umbrella Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella Anchor

    It is no secret that umbrellas are an integral part of a day at the beach. Did you know that there was such a thing as an umbrella anchor? This handy little tool will not only make setting up your umbrella easier, but it will also keep your umbrella in place!  Just pop your beach umbrella into the sand anchor, and enjoy a carefree day at the beach. No more worrying about the umbrella blowing over; anchors help withstand winds up to 30 mph!


    TanSafe Portable Beach Safe

    The TanSafe container looks like an ordinary suntan lotion, but secretly holds your valuables! This watertight container has enough space to hold most mobile phones, credit cards, keys and cash. You can purchase the TanSafe on Amazon, and for less than $10 dollars you can have a super stealth safe for the beach that no one will suspect. 


    Rambler Wheels Rambler Wheels for your YETI Cooler

    The YETI trend is taking off among outdoor enthusiasts. YETI has come up with some of the best coolers out there, but the only thing is that they are awfully heavy, and do not roll, which can be a hinder if you are trying to take your beloved YETI cooler to the beach. Good news! There are now wheels that you can purchase that will strap on to your cooler making it easily maneuverable in even the roughest of terrain. The Rambler Wheels take your YETI anywhere with more ease than ever before!


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