Another Snowstorm?

    Has winter storm Jonas put you in a funk? The thought of being stuck in snowstorm after snowstorm, year after year is enough to bring even the happiest of people down. Maybe its time to start thinking about making that long awaited move to Florida. Living in South Walton is on many people’s bucket list, but some are never brave enough to make the change.  For those that do, we often hear that it is “the best decision they have ever made”. Don’t you think its time to make “the best decision you’ve ever made”? Our knowledgeable realtors know the ins & outs of living along the beaches of South Walton, and can help make finding your dream home from long distances a breeze.

    Just in case you need some persuading… we have come up with the top 5 reasons to live in Florida.

    Beach1. We NEVER have snowstorms! The only white stuff on the ground comes in the form of sand.

    2. The sun is always shining! Vitamin D has been linked to improving the immune system & mood!

    3. No state income taxes. You work hard for your money, and you should get to keep more of what you earn.

    4. Strong housing market Buyers have more choices than ever before, making it easier to find their Florida dream home.

    5. Income potential from Florida tourism. The tourists love our area and are willing to pay top dollar to stay in that beachfront home or condo, creating extra earning potential for owners.

    If you’re looking to buy a home along the Emerald Coast, check out the Premier Beach Retreats and begin a free home search. One of our highly knowledgeable agents will contact you shortly to assist you in making buying your dream home a reality.

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