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    After the Storm: How to Check Your Property for Damage

    When you think of South Walton and Destin you often think of that perfect summer breeze and endless rays of sunshine, unfortunately, every once in a while we get a line of strong storms similar to the ones we had blow through the area a couple of weeks ago. Of course, we would all love for the weather to be great 24/7, but sometimes we just have to “weather” the storm. More often than not, we are so happy to see that gorgeous Florida sunshine after a storm that we forget to check our property for storm damage, which may cause more problems for us down the line.

    Here is a quick checklist of what you should look for to keep your property in tip-top shape after bad weather strikes.


    The roof is typically the most vulnerable area in a storm because so many things can impact it. Whether you’ve had high winds and downed tree branches or just a simple hailstorm, look for these common indicators of damage:

    • Holes in the roof
    • Missing shingles
    • Leaks in your roof or ceiling, which often show up as discolored spots on the ceiling.


    Fallen tree limbs can cause a variety of problems on your property. It is best to occasionally take inventory of whether a branch looks like it may be dying or on the verge of falling. Trimming trees limbs prior to dangerous storms and winds can save you thousands. After bad storms, be sure and do a walkthrough and see if you think anything may have fallen.

    Building Exteriors

    Building exteriors often seem like they are the sturdiest out of all of the items on or around your property, but they too can have storm damage.

    • Check for cracking, chipping or dings and dents along the siding.
    • Holes in stucco. This is a serious problem, even when small, so look closely. If you find holes, have a professional conduct a full property inspection.
    • Detached or damaged trim, gutters, etc.
    • Heavy rains can down limbs, bringing with it leaves and small branches that can clog up your gutter.

     General Tips

    • Severe storms may knock down power lines. If this happens on your property, rope off 30 feet in each direction around the line and do not touch it. Call 911 and the power company immediately.
    • Don’t forget about some of the less common items to check, including things such as your air-conditioning unit, fences, vent caps, appliances etc.
    • Take pictures of the damage from different angles. You should try and document as much as possible.

    It is always a good idea to contact your insurance provider once you notice some storm damage to your property. Any of our knowledgeable agents would be happy to help you locate a reputable insurance provider or repairmen if you are shopping around for different companies.

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